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Asphalt Roofing

Recent Tips and Articles by DAC Roofing, LLC

Should You Get A Repair Or Replacement?

Your roof is vital because it protects your home from harsh outside conditions. However, if your roof is damaged, it won't be able to do its job. Once you notice damage on your roof, you must take action. Keeping your roof in top shape is essential for […]

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What's The Difference: Asphalt Vs. Metal Roofing

Metal and asphalt are the two most popular roofing materials. As a homeowner, it's an important decision to make. Many different pros and cons apply to both metal and asphalt roofing. Being able to pick the right one for your home and your ability to maintain […]

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How Do Roofs Get Damaged

Roofs are bound to receive damage over time because it's supposed to be the thing that shields your home the most. "A roof over your head" is a famous saying when referring to a home, for a good reason. From rain to snow to hail to sleet, […]

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